Wednesday May 25th, 2016


I am here and now. I think in images. I am the master of contrast, between a line and a dot, between the red and the blue. My happiness is a dialogue between them.
I juggle images, associations and symbols. I am surrounded by my space – the same, rhythmic, familiar. I hold a pencil in my hand, intuitively making a record of my reality.
Words, thoughts, gestures create intricate images. For me creating is looking into the depths of myself. I find, arrange, scatter, destroy, and re-arrange the images within me.
Such an endless inner bustle. Words, sounds, thoughts soundlessly glide by, leaving a trail in the form of a collage of my work…

What is human nature like? Changeable.
All the stages of my life entail some new fascinations and inspirations. Artist-woman-mother – like a communicating vessel, in which everything affects each other at the same time, strongly marked by the reality in which it exists. My work is sincere, personal, devoid of calculation, year by year it matures with me. The concept of beauty is the essence, although so elusive and implied. I believe in the beauty in art and the beauty of the human being.

I think in images. With images remembered from childhood, dreams and traumas, I am building my internal archive of inspiration. There you can find – alongside each other – some faded photographs from the 60s, kitsch newspaper clippings, ancient creatures from the nineteenth century engravings, prancing noble horses, intricate patterns, flowers and bizarre portraits. I like to combine motives which seemingly do not match, to obtain a unique visual effect. I love to juxtapose diverse, contrasting patterns. My works demonstrate a richness of form, full of unusual associations, contradictions and explosions of color.
The symbolism of the images gives a broad spectrum of interpretation. Fascination with the collage concept of combining different themes in one picture is present in all my creative activities.
In painting, illustration, graphics, artistic objects and graphic design. It is the ‘collageness’ that is a common feature of my work. In the staggering amount of stimuli provided by reality, I am looking for those that capture my attention for longer, those that trigger the natural need for contemplation. Those that allow to stop the sensual – mental dance of words, visions and images.that allow to stop the sensual – mental dance of words, visions and images.